Direct Commerce award winner Muck Munchers licenses UniFida to drive customer value growth

Executive Summary

Muck Munchers, a home shopping company, helps to keep septic tanks running freely using probiotic bacteria. Since its launch in 2014 they have attracted around 20,000 septic tank owners to become customers. They have now reached a stage where they needed a tool to help understand the relationship between browsing and buying, provide customer recruitment campaign analysis, and enable CRM activities to encourage cross sales and reduce attrition.

Specific Business Goals

  • Speedy and detailed campaign reporting, which identifies the true sources of responders.
  • Linking unprompted web browsing activity to known customers to stimulate product cross sales.
  • Providing a single customer view from which to run cross sell and up-sell campaigns based on indicators such as RFM, browsing interests, and propensity to lapse.

The UniFida solution

  • Developing the digital passport

Central to the UniFida proposition is the development of a digital passport for each customer; this is built by incorporating a number of different identifiers into the single customer view. Customers can be identified by their email, mobile, name and home address, customer number and cookie ID.

  • Enriching existing customer data

The next step is to engineer customer data within UniFida; new variables like Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM) and scores like risk of attrition are developed and maintained within the system.

  • Dashboard reporting

Providing dashboard charts to provide at a glance key customer and campaign performance information.


Example dashboard charts


  • Making selections for campaigns

UniFida also allows customer selections to be set up for outbound email or mail campaigns; smart selections can be made across the customer base using web activity triggers and created variables like RFM.

  • Campaign response reporting with advanced attribution methodology

Finally, we introduced a methodology for resolving a regularly recurring problem for the home shopping industry – how do you allocate orders without a direct source code to the correct campaign? We solved this by first matching the new orders against the customer file to allocate matches to the most recent customer campaign; we then matched to third party lists that had been used recently for recruitment campaigns. Those that failed to match either of these were left with their miscellaneous source code, but response reports were adjusted to allocate them on a pro-rata basis to source coded results.

Cloud based UniFida is the best value intuitive data marketing tool I can find to drive continued levels of growth’   Martin Harvey, Founder of Muck Munchers

Article published in Direct Commerce Magazine