We are offering up to five days free consulting time by one of our senior staff to help you develop the business case for a CDP

During this project we will work with you to:
  • Map out the business benefits to be obtained from a CDP (see below a typical proforma for this)
  • Work out how the CDP can be integrated and configured within your systems and data sources
  • Detail what people and process changes are required to make this a success
While working with you we will:
  • Let you have the final say over the business case numbers so that all the metrics included in it have your approval
  • be straightforward if we believe that your organisation is not suitable for introducing a CDP
  • not put you under any pressure to buy our technology solution
  • but we will give those who are interested access to use the UniFida test site, and allow them to experience what marketing is like with a CDP
This offer is conditional on:
  • your paying any expenses we incur if you are outside London (these would be agreed in advance)
  • your making people available to meet with us according to a schedule drawn up at the start of the project
  • our having the right of refusal if we do not feel that your organisation is suitable for introducing a CDP
Below is a detailed example spreadsheet showing some of the areas where benefit may be found
Application area Application specifics How the value-add is measured How delivered by UniFida Target users
Outbound marketing Targeted and personalised direct mail Based on:
1 The current contribition made by customer DM
2 The cost savings from avoiding duplication
3 Improved customer retention based on sending relevant marketing material
4 Reduced staff time to set up and manage campaign selections
1 UniFida enables targeting using engineered data like RFM or response propensity scores which are calculated for each customer and updated as new data arrives
2 Browsing information on individual customers is held as part of the customer record to improve personalisation
3 When outputting selected records UniFida can include in the extract any specific fields that are needed in personalising a communication
CRM managers
Data scientists
  Segmented email campaigns and SMS push campaigns Based on:
1 Current contribution made by customer emails
2 Improved customer retention based on sending relevant marketing material
4 Reduced staff time to set up and manage campaign selections
1 In a similar way to the mail selections, email and SMS selections can be made on the basis of information held about each individual customer
2 Information held on customers can also include their browsing history and which pages they looked at
3 Unifida will receive back from the ESP details of opens, clicks and unsubscribes
CRM managers
Data scientists
  Cold list processing  1 Elimination of external burea charges
2 Reduction of time spent in data transfers and managing an external supplier
1 Unifida enables you to upload multiple cold lists, and undertake hierarchical deduplications
2 House list dedeplication happens simultaneously
3 Results reporting is provided alongside house list campaigns
GDPR privacy portal The privacy portal is set up in UniFida to enable internal agents to handle external GDPR requests 1 Speed of access to a full report on the data held about someone making a subject access request
2 Reduction in time spent by agents dealing with customer questions
3 Reduced risk of fines from being non-compliant
4 Reduction in time spent removing personal data from multiple systems when they want to be forgotten
1 There is a search facility so that individual personal records can be identified, using any personal information as the match-key
2 UniFida holds each consent that has been provided in a table for each customer as required by GDPR
3 These are then interpreted into a set of traffic lights for each potential communications channel and type of activity
4 A copy of all available information on an individual can be provided for emailing or printing
5 Requests to be forgotten can be actioned with messaging going back to feeder systems concerning who is the requestor and where their data is held
6 Rules for bulk anonymisation for data no longer needed can be set
Dashboards Individual dashboards can be provided for each user 1 Time spent accessing information when marketing decisions are requiredto be made
2 Having a single customer view enables longer term customer attributes to be measured such as customer level contribution, and customer attrition rates
1 Unifida has the capability for users to set up the charts they want to see on their own dashboard and these are updated everytime new information is received
2 Users can configure their dashboard and share charts with other users
3 More complex data visualisation is available through our integration with Tableau
4 Charts can include both on-line and off-line activity
All areas in an organisation can have their dashboards set up
Campaign results reporting Search for attributed campaign results 1 Near real time campaign results reporting enables earlier and more accurate decisions for campaign managers
2 By attributing web based orders to causative marketing campaigns the true ROI of that spend can be measured
1 UniFida records selections for campaigns at an individual customer level
2 These contact history records are used to attribute campaign responses via any channel when the source code has not necessarily been carried through
3 Campaign metadata such as volumes and costs are included in the reporting which ends up with delivering an ROI for each marketing activity
CRM managers
Technical capabilities Many   1 The system has been developed to be used directly by marketers and not via an IT interpreter; marketers get to handle their own data
2 Where users need help with more complex configuration requirements such as engineered data then support is provided for this
3 The integration with Tableau allows for detailed data visualisation, but for data scientists the entire CDP can be exported (or parts of it) for detailed analysis in e.g SAS
4 All reports produced in UniFida can be exported to Excel
Marketing managers
Data scientists