Robust customer-centric cloud based customer data platform
Providing Tableau integration and advanced data science services
Linking omni-channel on-line and off-line data sources
Supporting CRM and GDPR Privacy Portal
Fast tracking your ability to optimise your customers’ experience and value


UniFida is serviced technology


- customer data platform set-up and on-line and off-line data integration

- building personalised dashboards

- developing propensity, customer value and attrition models

- making complex campaign selections

- setting attribution rules for campaign reporting

- providing customer journey reporting



It is only recently that Julian and I have become acquainted, and I am so impressed by his and his team’s attention, tenacity, clarity of thought, speed, efficiency and brilliant solutions.

Ali Stewart

Director, Ali Stewart & Co
Cloud-based UniFida is the best value intuitive data marketing tool I can find to drive continued high levels of growth.

Martin Harvey

Founder, Muckmunchers

Case Studies

UniFida in Action

Loading on-line and off-line data

Typically UniFida will receive data from your website, or from your offline systems.

Developing the single customer view

Each individual customer or prospect inside Unifida can have a number of identifiers.

Building your charts and reports

Every manager has specific reporting requirements from customer recruitment and attrition to sales, campaign results, and web conversion.

Arranging your personal dashboard

You can choose the reports you want to see in your dashboard, and the way in which they are displayed.

Selecting customers for campaigns

Selections of customers for email, mobile or other types of campaigns can be relatively simple or highly complex.

Seeing and editing a single customer record

UniFida has built a unique approach to storing customer consents